Are you looking for ways to create next-level ideas every day? Do you want to learn how to facilitate creative sessions like a pro? Well, let’s get those juices flowing. In this course we’ll show you how to make creativity a core capability. Using a fun, interactive experience to give you the confidence to inject killer thinking into any situation.
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Learn how to nail any brief you’re working on, use provocations and smart questions to develop a deeper understanding of the issues, and how to facilitate creative sessions that deliver awesome results every time.

Embrace the power of breakthrough thinking and revolutionise the way you approach problem-solving. Gain the skills to provoke new ideas, ask insightful questions, and bring your concepts to life. Get ready to unlock your creative genius and achieve extraordinary results!

course features

Weekly  experiments

Weekly top tips

downloadable how-to guides

pre and post scores to track progress

mobile app to learn on the go

benefits and outcomes 


Become a pro at facilitating creative sessions

learn how to make any project successful

discover how to generate and build upon ideas

Our students love us

The 'Embrace Breakthrough Thinking' course has completely transformed the way I approach problem-solving in my business. The practical exercises and thought-provoking lessons have helped me unlock my creativity and generate innovative solutions. 
I was stuck in a creative rut until I enrolled in the 'Embrace Breakthrough Thinking' course. The modules on nailing the brief, asking smart questions, and having ideas have revolutionised my approach to marketing campaigns. I now feel confident in my ability to think outside the box and deliver exceptional results. 
I work with clients from various industries, and the 'Embrace Breakthrough Thinking' course has become an invaluable resource in my toolkit. The modules on poking the bear and bringing ideas to life have helped me facilitate creative sessions that deliver outstanding results. This course is a must for any consultant or professional looking to enhance their problem-solving skills. 

Course curriculum

WEEK ONE: nailing the brief

In this module, you will focus on mastering the art of nailing the brief. 

Discover how to use provocations and smart questions to develop a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

By nailing the brief, you'll set the foundation for successful and impactful creative sessions.

WEEK TWO: poking the bear

In this module, you'll explore techniques to access the subconscious mind and generate breakthrough ideas.

Learn how to provoke the problem owner with real and tangible ideas, igniting their imagination and uncovering hidden possibilities.

By poking the bear, you'll tap into a wellspring of creativity and push the boundaries of conventional thinking.

WEEK THREE: smart questions

In this module, you will develop the skill of asking thought-provoking and insightful questions.

Challenge assumptions and open up new perspectives. By mastering the art of asking smart questions, you'll unlock fresh insights and uncover innovative solutions to complex problems.

WEEK FOUR: having ideas

In this module, you will explore effective techniques and strategies to stimulate creative thinking. Learn how to generate a multitude of ideas and nurture them to their full potential. Discover methods to refine and evaluate thoughts and turn them into ideas which are actionable and effective.

WEEK FIVE: realness

In this module, you will experiment with transforming your ideas into tangible and actionable plans. Learn how to bring your concepts to life and make them real so others get excited too. Explore techniques to test your ideas, so you can learn from them and increase your chances of success.


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meet your guides

Led by Chris Baréz-Brown and Jim Lusty, in this course they share their combined experience helping people foster creativity and innovation at some of the biggest and best organisations on the planet. All packaged up in simple weekly experiments for you to try out, today!
Created by

Chris Baréz-brown

Chris Baréz-Brown is fascinated by what makes people and businesses tick. He helps people explore how their subconscious thoughts and emotions impact the way they show-up every day, putting them in control of how they live and work every day.
Created by

Jim Lusty

Jim Lusty has the unique and sought after ability to connect with people holistically to successfully innovate both their work and life, whether in workshops or speaking at conferences and events worldwide. People leave feeling energised, inspired and ready to make change.


Price per head: £100

For group bookings get in touch with nadia@uppingyourelvis.com or fill in your details.


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Frequently asked questions

Is breakthrough thinking only for creative professionals?

No, breakthrough thinking is applicable to individuals in all fields and industries. It is a valuable skill for anyone looking to approach challenges with a fresh perspective and generate innovative solutions.

How can breakthrough thinking benefit business?

Breakthrough thinking can benefit businesses by fostering innovation, driving problem-solving, and promoting adaptability. It encourages people to explore new ideas, and find creative solutions to complex problems.

How long does it take to develop breakthrough thinking skills?

The development of breakthrough thinking skills varies for each individual. It is a continuous learning process that can be enhanced through practice, exposure to new ideas, and the application of specific techniques. With dedication and persistence, individuals can continually improve their breakthrough thinking abilities.


To encourage breakthrough thinking within a team or organisation, it is important to create a supportive and open-minded environment. This can be achieved by fostering a culture that values creativity, providing opportunities for idea-sharing and collaboration, and recognising and rewarding innovative thinking.

How long is this course?

This course is five-weeks long and consists of one new experiment for you to try out each week along with top tips and chances for reflection so you can really embed what you've learnt.

Can I access the course materials on my mobile device?

Yes, the course materials are accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. You can conveniently access the content and engage in the course from anywhere, at any time.

How long will I have access to the course materials?

Once enrolled, you will have three months to access the course materials.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the course?

Yes, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, simply contact our support team for a full refund.
If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch with nadia@uppingyourelvis.com.